DianeNunezMy chosen profession of Landscape Architecture involves elements of design similar to quilting, using the combination of color, line, pattern, rhythm, and texture.  It also requires designing two-dimensionally on paper while envisioning its completed three-dimensional form.  These same design components play a large role in my fabric constructions.

I find the tactile nature of fabric, thread, and embellishments intriguing.  My work leans towards geometric designs, with a prominent repetitive grid structure theme.  The open spaces in the majority of my work allow for the use of shadows for further enhancement.  Color, texture and the projection of the form in its surrounding environment invite the viewer in.

Traditional and innovative techniques appear in the work; the methodology of construction techniques is simple: If I can sew it together with a sewing machine, life is good and I am very happy.  I like to experiment, whether it is with non-traditional fiber, hand-dyeing my own fabric, or adding unusual embellishments.  The work is very labor intensive, requiring much mathematical accuracy.  I have found that the medium of quilting has allowed me to experience unexpected and exciting opportunities creating three-dimensional fabric constructions.