Vertigo, Dizziness and Omniax


Look where I got to spend part of the afternoon. It was lovely! I walked in very anxious, since my experience has never been very good. Imagine an amusement park ride that spins you, turns you upside down and you get motion sickness.

This was my third time strapped into the machine and I was actually able to stand up on my own 2 feet, knowing that the ground was down and walk away unaided by anyone. It was amazing for me. The down side is I still have to wear a neck cuff and sleep sitting up for days. I guess it’s a small price to pay for not walking around dizzy all the time.

Vertigo can be A big pain in the but, you never know what will set it off – bending down, turning too fast, waking up sleeping on my side seems to be the worst though.

First off the audiologist straps on goggles outfitted with tiny cameras and the blocks your eyes until no light can come through. The entire time you are strapped into the “chair” with straps across your chest, thighs and legs. The last thing to happen is a helmet comes down on your head to hold you down. Then the chair starts to move and you are spun upside down, sideways, etc. I lose all sense of direction. Meanwhile your eyes need to stay open so they can gauge what is happening in your ear canals. It is all pretty impressive.

Here are some more views of the machine and some others I found with a patient strapped in.